Flexible, Customizable, and Complete!

The Stech Group through Mid-Atlantic and Standard Warehouse provide full complement of warehousing, product handling, storage, cross-dock, transloading, 3pl, and fulfillment services in the Philadelphia, Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Northeast United States markets.

Our Croydon, PA facility and 8501 River Road Facility in Pennsauken have recently completed audits by AIB International and received a score of 900 placing it in the Superior Range of Food Storage Facilities. AIB International is one of the premier food safety and sanitation auditing services providing inspection of food manufacturing and distribution facilities to identify sustainable and consistent standards of food safety and designed to help prevent product adulteration.

When it comes to food and grocery business, our customers can be assured that their goods will be handled by the Stech Group in the most diligent manner with the highest levels of sanitation and quality care.

Standard Warehouse is one of a few public warehouses approved by the New Jersey Alcoholic Beverage Control commission to distribute products throughout the state.

The Stech Group is well equipped to be your exclusive warehousing and distribution partner. We offer a full range of warehousing, transloading, value-add, supply-chain enhancement, and transportation services. From public and contract warehousing to transportation and contract packaging, we deliver integrated solutions with the most advanced inventory management technology.

The Stech Group understands that every company has its own needs. We work with your existing systems, and help you set your vision for the future. Our goal is to create customer-driven solutions that are specially crafted to meet your needs.