Order Picking

Order Picking

Our accurate operations leads to customer satisfaction!

We believe in doing the job right as evidenced in our investment in equipment in pallet racks, lift trucks and bar-code scanning technology. As the business demands, we can design a solution utilizing voice-directed picking and automated conveyor and sortation systems. Please call or email us to learn more about the solution we can provide.

Piece Picking

Order picking tends to be one of the most noticeable processes in the warehouse operation because of its direct connection to customer satisfaction. The ability to quickly and accurately process customer orders is an essential part of doing business. There are three basic types of order picking; Piece Picking, Case Picking and Pallet Picking.

Case Picking

Case Picking operations tend to have less diversity in product characteristics than piece picking operations, with fewer SKUs and higher picks per SKU. Whatever your need, The Stech Group can design a system to accurately and cost-effectively pick your order in a timely manner. Based on the parameters of your desired outcome, we will choose the proper method be it basic case picking, batch picking, zone or wave picking method, to ensure your satisfaction.

Pallet Picking

For all your pallet in/pallet out business, The Stech Group has the experience, equipment, and quality control to deliver solutions. Proper consolidation schemes and efficient, high quality execution are the key to successful pallet in/ pallet out. The Stech Group works hard to maximize your outbound load and deliver your goods accurately and on time.