The Stech Group is a one-stop shop that provides total logistics packaging and solutions. In addition to standard warehousing and transportation practices, we are committed to customizing a solution that fits your needs.

The Stech Group’s Mid-Atlantic Logistics handles LTL and TL shipments, Integrated rail/truck transportation, import/export, container drays and port movements. We have found unique answers to problems clients have brought us.

The Stech group has helped customers find cost-effective solutions to unique problems:

  • A national electronics manufacturer had several thousand appliances with the incorrect service cords. The manufacturer was about to transport the products back to the factory for a retro-fit of the proper cord sets. We came up with a solution to manage the inbound and outbound logistics and replace the cord sets in our warehouse. This solution saved money and increased the turn around time; getting the goods to market in one third the time at a fraction of the original cost estimate.
  • When a national grocery manufacturer had over 2 million cans of product suspected of having incorrect weights unsuitable for sale, The Stech Group designed a solution to save time and money. Because the cans were suspected of being either too light or too heavy, they had to be weighed one can at a time. We located the proper equipment and under USDA supervision, the product was weighed, inspected, sorted and repackaged; ultimately yielding 65% of the product available for retail.
  • A local food manufacturer had sourced 1-gallon size cans of product, which arrived with surface rust on the lids. The Stech Group provided a solution of inspecting cans to determine product integrity, removing damaged cans, and cleaning the remaining cans. Using tools that we fabricated especially for the job, we ground off the superficial rust and cleaned approximately 75,000 cans allowing the product to be used in production.
    A local beverage manufacturer during busy peak seasons would need assistance creating Ready-To-Display (RTD) pallet displays. The Stech Group worked with the customer to produce in excess of 5,000 displays per month. Working together, we were able to increase the customer’s productivity without expanding his workforce or capital outlay.
  • An international lumber importer received an order for several thousand crates of plywood. Unfortunately, the material did not have the bar codes required by the retailer. Unable to sell the product without labeling each sheet of plywood, The Stech Group reworked the crates, labeled the individual sheets, re-bundled crates, and shipped them to the customer by the required delivery dates.
  • Your customized Stech Group solution could be next.


The Stech group is strategically located near the Port of Philadelphia and South Jersey and has the ability to reach a third of the U.S. population overnight. The Stech Group is the perfect partner for your import/export transportation and distribution needs. From cross docking to rail-in/container out, to expert import/export of paper products, The Stech Group can help. Call us to find out how we can customize a solution for you.